Our CompanySI is a full-service maintenance company based in Dunkirk, Maryland. Started in 2005 by owner Gladys Martinez, the company was founded on the principle of prompt and courteous service. While the services we provide are plentiful, we are a small, female-owned and managed enterprise that focuses on strong communication and client satisfaction. Committed to a quick turn around, we make decisions with the client’s interests and timeline at the forefront.

Since SI was established, it has provided services for a growing number of public agencies and private organizations located throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The company has demonstrated rapid growth stemming from the experience and dedication of its principals and its commitment to excellence. We are constantly seeking to improve in all areas of our company, specifically those related to customer service and communication. SI has earned an excellent reputation for delivering quality work and adhering to schedules. This reputation has enabled the company to maintain numerous satisfied customers who gladly provide referrals for future clients.

In order to maintain a high level of standards and client satisfaction, SI maximizes staff productivity through close supervision and continuous employee training. As a member of the Capitol Association of Building Service Contractors (CABSC), the company stays abreast of industry developments and standards. We remain up-to-date with the latest equipment upgrades and implementations, as well as productivity enhancements related to industry techniques, labor laws, and ADA requirements. As a part of CABSC, we are able to provide an enhanced work environment with an on-going employee-training program.

Starting with two employees, Service Industries is now staffed with more than 20 full and part-time employees and provides building services at more than 10 sites throughout the Washington, Maryland, and Virginia.

Byrul Blaney
Operations Manager

Byrul Blaney is the Operations Manager for Service Industries LLC and has over 25 years of managerial experience in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Before serving in the USMC, she completed her BS in Accounting, Business Management & Plant Engineering. She also received certifications in both financial modeling and property management.

Byrul has extensive experience with training and managing both service staff and administrative personnel and has managed over 1.5 million sq. ft. of mixed office space. She is well versed in current industry standards and practices, including, but not limited to ceiling tiles, comprehensive floor care, and interior finishes.

Customer Satisfaction is her priority and as a result, works directly with Gladys to create motivated, educated and efficient work teams. As the director of the 24-hour Emergency Response Team, she firmly believes that teamwork and strong communication are a must.

Gladys Martinez

Gladys Martinez is the President and owner of Service Industries LLC. She also serves as the director of Quality Assurance, using her over 20 years of operational and managerial experience in the industry to lead her team.

Born in Bolivia, Gladys is bilingual in English and Spanish and spent over ten years working for the Bolivian Congress. She holds certifications in both Human Resources and Human Resource Management.

She prides herself on her ability to establish quality standards and create successful measurements of client management. Working directly with the area managers and building supervisors, she is responsible for SI’s daily performance. Consequently, she regards everything from cleaning procedures to safety and security policies with the highest of standards. Additionally, she is an integral part of the company’s division of marketing and sales and community relations.

Hugo Martinez

Hugo is one of Service Industries LLC’s top supervisors with over 20 years of experience in the janitorial industry. Using his experience and knowledge of commercial service, he pays close attention to detail and manages his team with dignity.

Beginning as a cleaning technician, his dedication to a successful final product allowed him to earn his current position as supervisor. He has studied and trained extensively in current cleaning techniques and commercial products. Specializing in floor care, he provides the company with knowledge that can be shared with all of the service teams. Bilingual in English and Spanish, he interacts with both the employees and clients and maintains exceptional skills in communications and customer relations.

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